General terms and conditions

General terms and conditions

General terms and conditions of Assissa Consultancy Europe.

The educational material required for the course is partly provided by Assissa Consultancy Europe and partly by the student. This is indicated in the course information. The objective and intended result of the course are clearly described in the course information. The costs for the course are stated on the website with the course in question.

After the course has taken place, the client will receive an invoice. The term of payment is 14 days. If payment is still not made, Assissa Consultancy Europe is entitled after two reminder requests to transfer the claim to a debt-collection agency. The collection costs are for the client’s account.

After the client has awarded the assignment to Assissa, the following conditions apply.

– For cancellations up to 6 weeks before the start date of the training/course: no costs.

– For cancellations between 6 and 3 weeks before the start date of the training/course: 50% of the training/course costs

– Cancellation within 3 weeks before the training/course starts: o 100% of the training/course costs:

o 100% of the training / course costs, if no replacement dates are determined

o 60% of the VAN training courses that are given on location

o 50% of the training / course costs, if replacement dates are also established

The reason for cancellation does not play a role in the cancellation scheme. In all cases, the following also applies:

i. Already made and non-refundable expenses (e.g. hotel reservations and transport tickets) will in all cases be passed on to the client
ii. Assissa undertakes to carry out the agreed work in any event
iii. A participant can at all times be replaced by another employee of the same company at no extra cost.
iv. Assissa reserves the right to cancel the training course in the event of unforeseen circumstances or force majeure.

Cancellation from Assissa Consultancy Europe:

i. The Supplementary Prevention Training Course will be cancelled if there are too few participants.
ii. The minimum number of participants for a training course to go ahead is 3.
iii. If the training course is cancelled, Assissa Consultancy Europe will communicate this to the client as soon as possible.

The certificate of satisfactory attendance for the course will only be issued if a minimum of 80% attendance is achieved.

Assissa Consultancy Europe is not liable for any damage, loss or theft during the courses. Damage to third parties caused by the student will be borne by the student concerned.

If you have a complaint about Assissa Consultancy Europe, the course or the teacher, please contact Mr Ynze Remmers in the first instance. You can also send a letter or email to Assissa Consultancy Europe. We will respond within 7 days and settle your complaint within 14 days. If an answer or investigation requires more time, we will notify you within 7 days, stating the reason. This same response will include an indication of when we expect to be able to handle the case.

If there is a dispute between the complainant and the defendant, Bendor Admin will be called in to mediate. Bendor Admin’s decision is binding on Assissa Consultancy Europe. Any consequences will be dealt with by Assissa Consultancy Europe within 14 days. Complaints remain confidential with us and we will keep all complaints and the way they are handled for one year.

If you are present for at least 90% and pass the final test/examination, you will receive a certificate with the accreditation points awarded by the NIP/NVO.

The certificate can be requested up to 5 years back.

Assissa Consultancy Europe reserves the right to refuse anyone admission to a course.

All information before and during the course is confidential. This applies to personal and third party information. Information about clients or work processes provided by course participants during the course will also be treated confidentially by the client and the assignee. The client and the contractor comply with the applicable privacy legislation. For a detailed description, our privacy regulations are available on our website

By registering or participating in a course offered by Assissa Consultancy Europe, the client accepts the general terms and conditions of Assissa Consultancy Europe. Deviations from the general terms and conditions are only valid if there is an explicit written agreement between the client and Assissa Consultancy Europe.

Questions of an administrative nature or relating to education will be answered within 7 days. Questions or letters that require a longer processing time will be acknowledged within the stipulated period and a stated indication of when to expect an answer.

The ownership of all Assissa Consultancy Europe training courses and the copyright of the materials developed by Assissa lie entirely with Assissa Consultancy Europe. Copyright of the articles and literature used lies with the publisher and/or author.