Organizational advice and management

In the lifestyle market we do business with three parties: suppliers of services, care organizations and the buyers (direct and indirect) of these products.

In our advice we focus on the following areas:

Alcohol, drugs, gambling and the workplace

Alcohol and work, drugs and work, medicine and work but also gambling and work. No good combinations. Certainly if there is too much alcohol, too many drugs, too many medicines and too much gambling. This applies to the people involved themselves, but also to colleagues and the employer. Employees with dependency problems are more often absent, are more often involved in industrial accidents and in many cases ruin the working atmosphere. In addition, your company’s image may suffer.

How does telephone counseling work?

After signing a contract, the service can be used immediately. A card provided by Assissa with the telephone number of the Assissa telephone service gives unlimited access to the direct and confidential 24-hour Telephone Counseling Service. Here you can go with questions, doubts and concerns that are related to lifestyle issues. It is precisely during the ‘difficult moments’ that the counseling service appears to offer a solution in many cases.

Email counseling?

Just like telephone counseling, e-mail counseling has the following characteristics: easy, easily accessible, accessible and anonymous.

Email counseling is less confrontational than telephone counseling. The advantage is that you can better express your question. Moreover, e-mailing is fast, cheap and you can send the message whenever it suits you. Assissa ensures that the e-mail is answered within a maximum of 24 hours.

Who are our counselors?

The people behind the telephone and e-mail counseling service are experienced psychotherapists, psychologists and social workers. They are familiar with the problem and have good contacts with other organizations that are concerned with this problem. If it is desirable and necessary, his face-to-face counseling or refer to other institutions and clinics in the field of psycho-social problems and addiction. This can also be abroad.