About us

Assissa has had a view of the lifestyle market since 1996, with our work areas consisting of 4 different pillars. The training and education pillar is divided into two parts.

Recognized courses

Assissa Consultancy Europe has been a household name for years when it comes to providing training for the gaming industry. The approved courses are the e-learning Basic Course in Addiction Prevention, Additional course in addiction prevention, as well as Conflict Management, Guest Oriented Behavior and Aggression and the Follow-up Course in Addiction Prevention.

Assissa trainings

Assissa has put together a top 10 with training especially for you. Here you will find our offer based on our many years of experience with market demands and the great need for short, affordable and effective training courses.

Consultancy and management

In the lifestyle market we do business with three parties: suppliers of services, care organizations and the buyers (direct and indirect) of these products.

Counseling and advice

After signing a contract, the service can be used immediately. A card provided by Assissa with the telephone number of the Assissa telephone service gives unlimited access to the direct and confidential 24-hour Telephone Counseling Service.

Conferences and events

Since 1996, Assissa has been involved in organizing and coordinating events (conferences, seminars and summer training courses) in the Netherlands and in many other countries.