RG Expert Training

Face-to-face/online training for legal representative of gambling provider in responsible gaming field.

Target group: Representatives of gambling operator with a focus on responsible gaming
Type of training: Face-to-face/online training

Study load: 12 hours
Study duration: 10 hours

Entry level: knowledge of Responsible Gambling procedures
Level of employees:
senior level employees


  • The execution of the games of chance offer by the licensee;
  • The functioning of the organisation of the licensee, including knowledge of the risk analyses of the games of chance offered by the licensee; and
  • The implementation of the addiction prevention policy and the advertising and recruitment policy of the license
  • Relevant developments and (recent) scientific insights in the field of addiction to games of chance and its prevention;
  • Focus session on either the Dutch market or International Accreditation Frameworks

Focus session topics:

  • In case of applying for a Dutch License:
    •  knowledge of the addiction treatment/care system in the Netherlands, including the types of assistance available to players, the way assistance is organised, the referral to assistance, the immediate availability of assistance and the costs associated with it
  • In case of International customer, non-market specific:
    • Knowledge of current Responsible Gambling frameworks, their requirements and the relationship to the current policies and procedures of the operator / supplier the trainees work for

Components of the training:

  • Interactive sessions with trainer
  • Session with an Experiential Expert
  • Presentation skills of trainees

Result of training:
Certificate of successful completion based on

  • Transfer of knowledge when it comes to RG procedures and programme
  • Successful completion of assessment on day 2
  • up-to-date knowledge of laws and regulations in the Netherlands (in case of Dutch application)
  • up-to-date knowledge of addiction prevention and referral to addiction treatment in the Netherlands (in case of Dutch application)
  • up-to-date knowledge of Responsible Gambling Frameworks (in case of International Expert training)
  • on request, € 2.300,- (excl. VAT) for max. 2 persons

After the client has given Assissa the assignment, the following conditions apply.

  • If canceled up to 6 weeks before the start date of the training / course: no costs.
  • For cancellation between 6 and 3 weeks before the start date of the training / course: 50% of the training / course costs.
  • If canceled within 3 weeks before the start date of the training / course:
    • 100% of the training / course costs, if no replacement dates are determined;
    • 60% of the training / course costs that are given on location;
    • 50% of the training / course costs, if replacement dates are also determined.

The reason for cancellation does not play a role in the cancellation schedule. In all cases it also applies that:

  1. Expenses already incurred and non-refundable (such as hotel reservations and transport tickets) are in all cases passed on to the client;
  2. Assissa undertakes to carry out the agreed work anyway;
  3. A participant can be replaced at any time by another employee of the same company without additional costs.

Amsterdam, 01-01-2022

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