Additional course in addiction prevention

Staff should take this course after passing the Basic Addiction Prevention Course E-learning and before having guest contacts.

Type of training:
Face-to-face, practicing communication skills related to  the player at risk and problem gamblers

Target group:
Employees of gambling/betting operators with player contact

Initial level:
Finished basic course

Advanced level

Study load:
8 hours

– Introduction to communication and conversation skills;
– Basic interviewing skills;
– Practice communication and conversation skills using the communication tools used in by the operator;
– practising motivational interviewing (MI) techniques and in particular gambling behaviour of young adults;
– deepening knowledge of signals of risky and problematic gambling behaviour and what can be used to recognise these signals;
– knowledge of which intervention measures are appropriate in which cases, when there are signs of risky or problematic gambling/betting behaviour;
– practice of offering an appropriate intervention measure;
– deepening knowledge of preventive measures that can be offered by addiction services, anonymous e-help and self-help groups;
– knowledge of when it is appropriate to refer a player to addiction care, anonymous help or self-help resources.

Training components:
Theoretical part: deepening knowledge of measures and advice for problem players, introduction to communication and motivational interviewing (MI) techniques, different applicability of intervention measures for at risk players or problem gamblers.

Practical part: role play, under supervision of trainer, with training actor.

Result training
Certificate of succesful completion; acquired skills and knowledge of the above.

  • Open registration
    € 352,- per person (excl. VAT, incl. Day package)
  • In-company training, at a location to be determined
    € 3310,- (excl. VAT)

After the client has given Assissa the assignment, the following conditions apply.

  • If canceled up to 6 weeks before the start date of the training / course: no costs.
  • For cancellation between 6 and 3 weeks before the start date of the training / course: 50% of the training / course costs.
  • If canceled within 3 weeks before the start date of the training / course:
    • 100% of the training / course costs, if no replacement dates are determined;
    • 60% of the training / course costs that are given on location;
    • 50% of the training / course costs, if replacement dates are also determined.

The reason for cancellation does not play a role in the cancellation schedule. In all cases it also applies that:

  1. Expenses already incurred and non-refundable (such as hotel reservations and transport tickets) are in all cases passed on to the client;
  2. Assissa undertakes to carry out the agreed work anyway;
  3. A participant can be replaced at any time by another employee of the same company without additional costs.

Amsterdam, 01-01-2022

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