Basic course in addiction prevention E-learning

We offer this course as an E-learning. All employees are required to take this course due to the new laws and regulations that will go into effect April 1, 2021, prior to employment. Employees who have guest contact are also required to take the additional addiction prevention course. This course does not have to be completed at the time of hire, but must be completed before the employee has guest contact.

Type of training:
E-learning, knowledge and insight into problematic gambling/betting behaviour

Target group:
All employees of gambling/betting operators

Initial level:
No prior knowledge of the course required

Beginner level

Study load:
1,5 hours

– Elements of games of chance that make players vulnerable to addiction,
– signals of risky/problematic playing behaviour,
– interventions that can be offered in the event of risky/problematic gambling/betting behaviour,
– measures that can provide addiction care/treatment or self-help.

Components of the training:
Explanation and definition of problematic gambling/betting, characteristics of the games of chance offered and the associated risks, phases of dependence, advice for high-risk players, what kind of assistance is available in the Netherlands, the operators employee’s own attitude.

Result of training:
Certificate of successful completion; knowledge of the learning points mentioned above.

  • E-learning € 67,50,-  participant (excl. VAT)
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